About us

The "Shevchenkovsky Food Products Plant" LLC is a national producer of 100% Ukrainian investment attracted, founded in 2001.The production facilities of the enterprise are located 30 km. from Kiev in the village of Shevchenkovo ​​in the Brovarsky district of the Kiev region.

The plant processes grain crops, from which products such as cereals, flour and cereals are extra fast and instant Cooking. The company has registered several brands, under which products it reaches a potential buyer, these are TM “EVERYDAY” and TM “Poprobyi”. 

The company is one of the leaders in the production of instant products under its own brands (PRIVATE LABEL) of the largest retailers in Ukraine.

DOSSIER OF THE ENTERPRISE “Shevchenkovsky  food products plant” LLC

Established December 29, 2001

2001 - Launch of a cereal production line. 1st Edition Kind of cereal-Oatmeal Extra whole cereal. 

2003 - production of an assortment of packaged cereals in cardboard boxes of 1 kg and in a polypropylene film of 0.5 kg under the TM “Poprobyi”

2003- expansion of the range of the manufactured range of cereals (wheat, barley, rye, buckwheat, pea, and a mixture of 4 cereals from whole grains.

2004- entry into the distribution market of Ukraine.  2006- entry to the international market, export development

2007 - launch of a cereal production workshop in the assortment and expansion of the product line by packing cereals under the TM “Poprobyi”

2009-2010 - modernization of the cereals production workshop, with a doubled capacity increase.

2012- modernization of the oat processing workshop

2013- launch of a boiler house on production waste. Transition to non-waste production.

2013- rebranding of the assortment of products with TM "Poprobyi" on TM "EVERYDAY"

2014- increase in the capacity of the packaging workshop through the purchase and installation of new packaging lines. 

2015- modernization of technological lines for the production of an assortment of cereals and the installation of double-steaming technology

2016- launch of the release of Extra light flakes from cut cereals (oatmeal and 4 cereal mixture)

2017-2018- development of trading and distribution of imported groceries

2019- "Shevchenkovsky Food Products Plant" LLC became part of the "HD- group" of companies

Interesting Facts:
In 2004, they took part in the most prestigious Green Week trade fair in Berlin, and received an award for the high quality of the presented products.
2007 -  “Shevchenkovsky food products plant” LLC - the leader of goods and services of Ukraine 2007, awarded for significant growth in the economic growth of the state.
National Private Label Award 2012, 2013 - the best conditions for cooperation
We provide assistance to charitable foundations